The teacher Antonio Foltran

These days you can find in the bookshops “Bianca’sTale”, posthumous book written by Antonio Foltran, published in April 2011 by CSC Italy and edited by Antonio Menegon.
The book has a foreward on the history of Collalto’s noble house, a collection of the authors that wrote about Bianca di Collalto and Antonio Foltran’s unpublished story on the sad event of the maid, killed in the collalto’s tower because of the chatelaine’s fierce jealousy. Set in the crusades time, “Bianca’s Tale” is published  more than 10 years later than the primary school teacher Antonio Foltran’s death (1916-1998), who taught over a decade in Collalto, was by chance found by his son Massimo and now sent to press. 
With refined and learned language, teacher Foltran tells about count Guiscardo di Collalto and Ildegonda di Dresda (the king’s daughter) marriage, the squire Sinibaldo morbid affection, the ill-treatments suffered by Bianca, her violent death and the similar death suffered by the chatelaine.
The tale tells that the unfortunate maid ghost appears, to the Collalto Family’s members, white veiled to announce happy events and black veiled to predict imminent mishaps. A fascinating story, enriched by a concise but rich of curiosity historical foreward, edited by the writer Antonio Menegon.

Antonio Foltran: "The leggend of Bianca"
ISBN: 978-88-903174-7-7

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